"Highly Recommended"

 T. Keogh - Video Librarian

 "Astutely compelling historical biography - Highly Recommended !"

Caron Knauer - Educational Media Review Online 

"Informative, provocative and unsettling"

- Ted Metrakas, Film Forward


"Riveting...A fascinating account of the man who lead with Nelson Mandela South Africa’s complex transition to democracy”. "

- Justice Richard Goldstone, Head of the Goldstone Commission


 “Brilliant..effortlessly and brilliantly tells of a story many overlooked. President FW de Klerk played an important role in the undoing of Apartheid in South Africa”

- John Cole-Morgan, The South African


"Un document passionnant et essentiel pour mieux comprendre l'homme derrière le nom."

RTS Television, Switzerland


“Extraordinary...powerful...fascinates. His teaming with Mandela unleashed a wave of right-wing violence”

- Ernest Hardy, The Village Voice


“Fascinating…tracks his prickly, protean relationship with Nelson Mandela in abolishing almost a half-century of official oppression..Even Keeled...Engaging....The stakes were so high and the statesmanship so delicate”

- Jeanette Catsoulis, The New York Times


"A solid historical primer...Rossier strikes a delicate but credible balance between the former leader's unambiguous statements that he didn't know anything about assassinations and critics' insistence that, even if he didn't specifically give orders, he was 'politically and morally responsible' "

- John Defore, The Hollywood Reporter


“An illuminating study of the character, role and motivations of the man who together with Nelson Mandela transformed apartheid South Africa into a democracy”

- IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam)


“Rossier and Zalk’s film is beautifully shot and edited -a dispassionate and balanced attempt at trying to understand a contentious yet significant player in the country’s contemporary history"

- Marianne Thamm, The Daily Maverick


 “There are three seminal works this year that really encapsulate the history of S.A. as she celebrates her 20th - Khalo Matabane’s, ‘Mandela... The Myth and Me’; Rehad Desai’s ‘Miners Shot Down’ (truly allegorical!); Nicolas Rossier’s ‘The Other Man’ ”

- Mahen Bonetti, Director & Founder, African Film Festival


“Plenty of thought-provoking insight into the now-seventy-eight-year-old de Klerk, reevaluating the legacy of the man who negotiated with Mandela to end apartheid in South Africa”

- This Week in New York


“A gripping and nuanced examination of a transformative figure in South Africa's history. With a resurgence of debates about the legacies of racism and growing inequality, this timely film offers unflinching look into the shadows of our past”

Matthew Kustenbauder, Research Fellow Harvard University